Made of high carbon stainless steel which is extremely durable and sharp. It is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. The Damascus pattern and hammered surface on this kitchen chef knife are exquisite and ensures long-lasting durability and build quality.


Cooking is fundemental to our lives, however we aren't sold the proper tools by those who are dedicated to the craft.  With your Chef E Marshall knife you can take home a damascus steel handcrafted culinary tool to get the most out of every cooking experience.

Handmade Damascus Steel Chef Knife

  • This kitchen chef knife is extremely easy to clean. We suggest you clean and dry it by hand instead of the dishwasher to preserve the finish. Sharpening can be done either with a whetstone or normal knife sharpener.

  • Overall Length: 13 inches

    Handle Length: 5 inches

    Blade Length: 8 inches